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In Partnership with Wenatchee Downtown Association:

The powerful Columbia River flows through Wenatchee Wine Country as it arches against the eastern foothills of the Cascade mountain range.  On the sunny side of the mountains, we are able to grow vineyards and orchards heavily cropped with luscious fruit, on the fertile soils in our Wenatchee Valley.

 Spectacular views connect the wineries of the Wenatchee Wine Country.  As you gaze upon the mighty Columbia you are reminded of the vast geological and humble human history that surrounds our growing region.  We have been growing fruit in this valley since the turn of the century and would like to share our stories with you.
Wenatchee area wines consistently earn awards and high marks for their quality.  We invite you to enjoy the sunshine and the passion of family winemakers who create fond memories in your heart and tasty wines for your table.